Diego Uchitel – Polaroids

When Diego Uchitel moved out of his downtown Manhattan studio in the late 90’s he’d amassed a huge wall containing thousands of polaroids showing the models, celebrities, landscapes and cityscapes that had defined the last 25 years of his career. The wall was the heart of his studio, a place where friends, clients, models would spend down time scouring the walls for people they knew, pictures of themselves or for inspiration, a kind of Pre-Facebook Facebook.
When Diego moved there was no question of leaving them behind and he framed hundreds of polaroids in large 7”x10” frames for installation in the new space. Inspired anew, he began unearthing hundreds of images from the previous 30 years and editing them down into a book. Images captured in a moment, touched by time, the elements and tricks of light. To see more of Diego’s work click here.


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