Ye Tinghu




2002 began working as Creative Director and Photographer at LOWE LIVE HK.

2003 Won the award of Hong Kong 4A and Asia News Paper.

2004Won the award of San Francisco Photographers Association-the advertisement of TOUGH, at the same year, the work was selected into Tokyo Photographer Yearbook.

2004 Joined Ogivey & Mather Advertising Company- Beijing Office, working for the major campaigns of MOTO brand and products.

2005 Won the award of <Campaign Brief>, as the top 10 advertisers in China from 1970.

2007 Established his own company of TINGHOEVO.

2009 Present TINGHOEVO became the only appointed visual creativity supplier in China of VOGUE magazine, in charge of all soft advertisement in different categories.

2010 Mr. Tinghu Ye’s transited his role from photographer to TV director, made the microfilm of Remy Martin, NOKIA, Shu Uemura, and BIOTHERM etc.

2010 Joined the exhibition of VISION 10*10.

2011 Mr. Tinghu Ye and Mr. Xingyu Huang made the MV for China poplar singing star-Ms. Bichang Zhou, the song of 预感(presentiment) was selected from her new album “<黑 择 明>(Black, Choose, Light) ”

2012 Mr. Tinghu Ye and Mr.Xingyu Huang were the director of NOKIA Lumia product series TVCs, Tingfeng Xie was the leader actor of the film, TINGHUEVO to write the advertising song named <worth a try> for NOKIA LUMIA, Mr. Tinghu Ye sang it as the leader singer and made MV as well.